score1 W2S3 [sko: US sko:r] n
1¦(in a game)¦
2¦(in a test or experiment)¦
4 on that score
5 know the score
6 settle a score
[Date: 1000-1100; : Old Norse; Origin: skor 'mark cut into a surface, count, twenty']
1.) ¦(IN A GAME)¦
the number of points that each team or player has won in a game or competition
At half-time the score was one-all.
What's the score?
Is anybody keeping score (=making a record of the score) ?
The final score was Southampton two, Leeds United nil.
score of
a score of 3-2
a) the number of points a student has earned for correct answers in a test
The school's test scores have not improved.
score of
a score of 90%
b) the number of points that a person or group of people gets in a scientific test or ↑experiment
score of
He had an IQ score of 120.
3.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
a written or printed copy of a piece of music, especially for a large group of performers, or the music itself
a musical score
Who wrote the score for the movie?
4.) on that score
spoken concerning the particular thing you have just mentioned
As for the cost, you don't need to worry on that score.
5.) know the score informal
to know the real facts of a situation, including any unpleasant ones
We are trying to attract managers who know the score.
6.) settle a score
to do something to harm or hurt someone who has harmed or hurt you in the past
Jack came back after five years to settle some old scores .
7.) ¦(MARK)¦
a mark that has been cut onto a surface with a sharp tool
deep scores in the wood
score 2
score2 W2 v
1¦(win points)¦
2¦(give points)¦
3 score points
5¦(have sex)¦
8¦(get drugs)¦
Phrasal verbs
 score off somebody
 score something<=>out/through
1.) ¦(WIN POINTS)¦ [I and T]
to win a point in a sport, game, competition, or test
Great cheers went up when he scored in the final minute of the game.
She scored an average of 9.9 in the test.
score a goal/point/run etc
He has scored 12 goals so far this season.
2.) ¦(GIVE POINTS)¦ [T]
to give a particular number of points in a game, competition, test, or ↑experiment
= ↑mark
Each event will be scored separately.
Responses to the individual items are scored on a scale ranging from 0 to 12.
3.) score points
a) also score off sb BrE
to say or do something in an attempt to prove that you are better or cleverer than someone else
Too many MPs use debates as a chance to score political points.
score points over/off
Advertising may be used to score points off the competition.
b) informal to do or say something to please someone or to make them respect you
score points with
You'll score points with your girlfriend if you send her roses.
4.) ¦(SUCCEED)¦ [I and T] informal
to be very successful in something you do
Her new book has scored a spectacular success .
5.) ¦(HAVE SEX)¦ [i]informal
to have sex with someone, especially someone you have just met
6.) ¦(LINE)¦ [T]
to mark a line on a piece of paper, wood etc using a sharp instrument
Scoring the paper first makes it easier to fold.
7.) ¦(MUSIC)¦ [T usually passive]
to arrange a piece of music for a group of instruments or voices
8.) ¦(GET DRUGS)¦ [I and T] informal
to manage to buy or get illegal drugs
score off [score off sb] phr v
to say or do something in an attempt to prove that you are better or cleverer than someone else
He liked scoring off his pupils in his days as a teacher.
score out/through [score sth<=>out/through] phr v
to draw a line through something that has been written
score 3
score3 number
1.) plural score
a group of 20, or about 20, people or things
a score of sth
Our coach was escorted by a score of policemen.
three score years and ten
old use (=70 years, a person's expected length of life)
2.) scores of sth
a lot of people or things
Scores of victims were killed.
3.) by the score
in large numbers
Friends came to help by the score.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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